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Just the Jokes ($3.99)

Get the NEW version that was performed LIVE on stage at the Tribeca Film Festival and RiffTrax LIVE: The Room - 2016 Release These are "Just the Jokes" versions that play along with The Room

The typical reaction to an encounter with *[The Room](* looks something like this: puzzlement, revulsion, laughter, amazement, hunger, affection, deep depression, inability to digest milk proteins, and ultimately, an unbreakable addiction. Yes, this is the film you've probably only heard rumors about, a truly jaw-droppingly weird melodrama written, starring, produced, financed, endlessly promoted by (most famously by a high profile billboard in Los Angeles for five years), and featuring the hideous naked backside of Tommy Wiseau, the world's shaggiest and most mysterious auteur. The Room's plot seems mundane: a banker looks forward to his marriage unaware that his fiancé is cheating on him with his best friend. But beneath this quotidian veneer lurk peculiar treasures that almost literally defy description. Quite simply, you must see this.

Though this film is hard to come by your efforts to secure it will be richly rewarded. Mike, Kevin and Bill are honored to be able to join you for your first viewing of The Room.

[Note: The Room is rated "R" for some badly done, gauzy sex scenes, (and a few strangely hilarious instances of profanity), which is something we try to steer clear of here at RiffTrax. Yet, given the film's many other strengths we ultimately decided not to let that be a disqualifier and instead to give the viewers ample warning to look away. And when we strongly encourage you NOT to watch these scenes we are not just being coy. You were warned.]

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June 16, 2009

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