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Help support three great live shows in 2019!

Make the 2019 RiffTrax Live season our best yet!

This year, we want to bring you three fantastic movie riffs: the guy-in-a-rubber-suit creature feature Octaman; the 2017 swashbuckling sci-fi extravaganza starring Starship Troopers’ own Casper Van Dien, Star Raiders; and the delightfully cheesy arachnid-fueled frightfest The Giant Spider Invasion! We need your help to make these three fantastic riffs happen.

See RiffTrax riff Octaman live at the Belcourt! Tickets are going fast.

See Octaman LIVE and in-person

See Star Raiders IN PERSON!

See Star Raiders LIVE and in-person

RiffTrax Live! - Bring a Friend!

RiffTrax Live is a shared comedy experience where Mike, Kevin and Bill "riff" a film LIVE onstage and it is broadcast LIVE via satellite feed to hundreds of movie theaters coast to coast.

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    B. SF Sketchfest 2015
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  27. RiffTrax Live: Krull
    E. SF Sketchfest 2019
  28. April 18 RiffTrax Live: Octaman
  29. June 6 RiffTrax Live: Star Raiders
  30. August 15 RiffTrax Live: Giant Spider Invasion

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