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Atomic Treatment: Double Feature - Bright Young Newcomer and Hidden Grievance

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

In Bright Young Newcomer we meet G. Bennet Barnes, a manager guy of some sort who is just trying to do his darndest to run his office but oh boy - here we go with these darn girls in the office!  Fer crying out loud can't a man just get some work done without these lousy girls ruining things?

In Hidden Grievance an oddly accented worker can't quit his bellyaching and tries to get some changes made at work buit for some reason can't figure out to just say what's on his mind.  If only his manager had watched these McGraw Hill Text Films for managers.

Special double feature - 2 in 1 video plus commentary in one!  Runtime 13:47

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