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Study Skills: Verbal Communication Made Easy
Getting Angry
Duck and Cover
Frustrating Fours and Fascinating Fives
At Your Fingertips: Play Clay
A Case of Spring Fever
Rediscovery: Puppets
Willy Whistle
Clean and Neat with Harv and Marv
Read On! from Left to Right
Color it Clean
Fashion Horizons
At Your Fingertips: Cylinders
Writing Better Social Letters
Health: Your Posture
How to Keep a Job
Norman Gives a Speech
This is Hormel
Safety Woman: In Danger Out of Doors
Mr. B Natural
May the Shorts Be With You
You're the Judge
When Should Grown-ups Stop Fights?
Goodbye, Weeds
Maintaining Classroom Discipline
Story-telling: Can You Tell It In Order?
The Day I Died
The Other Fellow's Feelings
Ghost Rider
Ten Long Minutes
Safety with Animals
Live and Learn
Say No to Strangers
Tic Toc Time Clock
Choking: To Save a Life
Shorts to Astonish!
Perc! Pop! Sprinkle!
Get That Job
Love That Car!
Joy Ride
Jimmy of the Safety Patrol