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A Green Thumb for Macaulay
Squeak the Squirrel
What Will Bernard Do
The Troublemaker
Glasses for Susan
The Water We Drink
Six Murderous Beliefs
Christmas Customs Near and Far
Farm Family in Winter
Let's Talk Turkey
Boredom at Work
Soapy The Germ Fighter (Live Edition)
American Look
Allen is my Brother
The Second Annual Bridget and Mary Jo Christmas Special!
Duties of a Secretary
Campbell's Soup: The Magic Shelf
Don't Get Angry
A Day of Thanksgiving
The Snob
Cindy Goes to a Party
The Relaxed Wife + Consuming Women
Animal Antics
A Word to the Wives
Life in the Suburbs (Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl)
With An All-star Cast
Duck and Cover
Writing Better Social Letters
Health: Your Posture
Mr. B Natural
When Should Grown-ups Stop Fights?
Story-telling: Can You Tell It In Order?
The Other Fellow's Feelings
Jimmy of the Safety Patrol
Borrowed Power
Walking to School
Building Better Paragraphs
Kittens: Birth and Growth
Story of a Teenage Drug Addict
Molly Grows Up
The Case of Tommy Tucker (Part 2)